La Fontana
di Geraci Siculo

Production and bottling Superior quality wine-based drinks.

L’La Fontana Company was founded in 1997 in Geraci Siculo, a charming medieval village located at 1100 meters above sea level in the heart of the Madonie Park, away from any source of pollution.

It is here that the brothers Franco and Placido Corradino make drinks based on wine and herbs that grow spontaneously in Geraci Siculo.
Elegant and refined products accompany almond, chocolate, fruit and ice cream desserts.

The products of the La Fontana di Geraci Siculo company are the result of a strictly craftsmanship and made with highly selected and top quality ingredients.

The company La Fontana di Geraci Siculo makes use of the precious collaboration of Prof. Dr. Saverio Abbate, oenologist of proven seriousness and experience.

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